Monday, October 10, 2005

Move Over Bacon

I found out last week that I have to move again, so when I got to the office this morning I went and scoped things out. I swear, I live in Dark City and every night some odd people sit in a room and think of new ways to arrange the office. Oh well, at least I get to shack up with Jennifer Connelly. Here's my reaction to the new digs.

It's located in a high traffic area and has those stupid half-height cube walls. Time to break out my mad construction skills and build myself some walls I guess. Maybe a door too!

To make things worse, here's what my current home looks like (pardon my piss-poor photo stiching job, I'm feeling lazy today). You'll notice there are already some boxes packed...those are left over from my last move and I never unpacked them. And I won't even show you what's in my drawers that I have to pack up. File cabinet drawers, sicko.

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