Friday, October 07, 2005

Would You Like it or do You NEED it?

He gave it to he who gave it to she who showed it to me.

Type in "(your name) needs" (remember to use the quotes).
Look at the 5 websites that say you need something. (Use different websites)
What are the 5 things you need?

Note: I started out using "Will" and apparently Last Will and Testaments need a lot of stuff. I soon tired of wading through all those and switched to "William".
  • William needs lifting and has to be tube fed — not a bad idea
  • William needs advice, Go To Bottom — interesting
  • William needs to stop killing for sport — if this is what I do when I'm sleeping then I agree
  • William needs to give me details — I actually do enjoy talking to myself. Am I crazy?

  • William needs it — I don't need much, just it.
  • William needs a very compassionate dog lover to give him a safe garden and a warm
    bed to complete his retirement years — I'm thinking most people won't get why this is so funny
  • WILLIAM NEEDS TO BE REMEMEBERED TODAY — Appeared in caps, seems important
Okay so I cheated, that's 7. I have issues with narrowing down.

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