Monday, October 10, 2005



I find myself in a multi-level parking garage. I don't know how I got there or why. It looks like it is situated the middle of a war zone...or maybe Detroit. It's got a respectable number of cars in it and the walls are covered in graffiti and crumbling from bullet holes. People that I apparently know, or at least recognize, are timidly rushing about. I'm not sure where they are going, but I follow along.

Wandering up the ramps and sometimes stairs, we eventually enter a classroom(?) where an unknown teacher is preparing for class. The dimly lit room is rather full but very quiet, people taking in hushed whispers. I look about and know everybody, but at the same time, I don't know anybody.

I decide to walk back to my car and notice gangs patrolling the now deserted driveways. Ducking down here and there I hear occasional gunfire followed by brief muffled screams. Why the hell am I in this garage?

I get back to my car and open the trunk, there's nothing in there. I don't know why I walked back here. People are milling about again so I decide to go back to the classroom. Along the way I run into a beautiful girl I've known for a long time, but have never had the nerve to talk to. But again, at the same time, I don't know who she is. She's very kind and we have a quiet conversation as we walk back towards the classroom together.

There's a noise coming from one of the stairwells, so we decide to walk up using the driveway ramps. Suddenly there are people rapidly walking in the opposite direction of where we are headed and it quickly becomes apparent why. There's a guy (I know him, but I don't) staggering down the ramp. He's ghost white and not all there. By not all there I mean he's literally not all there. For whatever reason, I know instantly what has happened to him. He has used a do-it-yourself biomechanics kit to try and transform himself. He's missing both legs and one arm. In the place of his legs are six stainless steel spider-looking legs and he's got a giant mechanical arm where his original one used to be. The cuts aren't clean and he's lost (and is still losing) a lot of blood.

The man starts to stumble and falls out the window on the perimeter of the garage. The girl I was walking with is gone. I walk down to investigate closer.

When I arrive at where the guy landed he's surrounded by robotics doctors trying to patch him up. They all look grim as he lays limp and they test the mechanical systems and try to stop bleeding. I don't know why, but I particularly notice one of them playing with the guy's new mechanical hand. It's got all these weird buttons on it and isn't moving on its own.

Suddenly I'm in my house, looking out the back door. The screen is shut, but the sliding glass door is open. There's a loud noise overhead and an airplane comes into view. It looks and sounds like it is doing all these acrobatic tricks just beyond my house. The weird thing is that it's a large plane, like a FedEx plane. I have just enough time to think how odd that is before it slams into the ground about 3 blocks away generating a massive fireball. I quickly shut the glass door so as to not get hit by flying bits and pieces. No sooner is the door shut than a baseball hits the top of the glass and cracks it. I look outside towards where the plane crashed and there are about 7 people in baseball uniforms jumping up and down with their arms in the air yelling "Touchdown".

I wake up.

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