Thursday, March 23, 2006


I seem to be puking out posts today so I figured I might as well add one more that I've been procrastinating for a couple of days.

An old friend has been in town this week and the other night a bunch of us went out for drinks. I know this will shock and awe all of you, but I actually got a FULL night out by myself. All without having to travel to Denver to do it. I'm still scratching my head over how I was able to accomplish such an impossible feat myself.

We started off at a halfway decently fancy restaurant, downed a good many beers (martini's in my case) and had a few appetizers. Some of the other sorry saps had to go home early so they filtered out. When the numbers dwindled down to a core of 5 of "the guys" and one gal that was here with my friend (they're attending a conference), we headed over to this tiny little hole in the wall dive bar. Which, by the way, had some of the best wings I've ever tasted.

The beers continued to flow, however this time they were coming from pitchers. As you can imagine, given the environment, company and near dangerous levels of alcohol, conversation rapidly degraded into "dude talk" pretty quick. Oddly enough, this attracted the attention of a pair of twins sitting by themselves a table over. They grabbed some seats over at our table and then the conversations really got out of control.

They eventually hit on all of the guys at our table, at one point even singing a little choreographed song that went like this: Double your pleasure, double your fun, when you're in bed, two girls are better than one!! Quite interesting I must say.

Anyway, before you start to think I'm writing a Penthouse letter or something, I really need to clarify one slight, teeny, little detail. Yes, they were twins. Yes, they were definitely looking for a party. And yes, they were 55 years old.

Needless to say, I'm quite happy to say, the story pretty much ends there.

But, at least this appears to be a sign that things might be looking up... I mean hey, if I can attract 55 year old twins, I surely oughta be able to attract a 30-something non-twin. Right?

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