Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thoughts on a Thursday

  • I really, really hate working with some people
  • I keep skipping HNT because I'm addicted to video games
  • The people behind Quake 4 are deeply disturbed
  • But I'm cool with that
  • There are stupid people in this world of ours
  • And there are also stupider ones
  • In fact, every time I think I've encountered the stupidest person we have to offer, somebody even stupider comes along
  • Some people piss me off
  • Some people disappoint me
  • I disappoint pissed off people
  • Sometimes I hate it when dreams don't come true
  • People surprise you sometimes
  • I've been offered an opportunity to make graphics for an Xbox Live Arcade game
  • Of course, it's a garage project that the Xbox folks haven't even heard about
  • Let alone approved
  • I suck at *real* grapihcs creation
  • I have little self control
  • I have great desire to hit the gym
  • I have little incentive to hit the gym
  • I don't hit the gym
  • If you think things can't get worse, you're usually wrong
  • They do
  • Did I mention I really, really hate working with some people?

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