Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pizza Sauce is teh Ouchie

Short setup: I tend to be a neat freak when I'm in the kitchen. Wash dishes as you go anyone? (yeah, my hand is raised)

So I took a piping hot pizza out of the oven last night, set it on the cutting board, and had at it with the pizza cutter. The first two passes were fine, but on the third my index finger was trailing down a bit and a big glob of sauce jumped out and attacked it. Rather than quickly shaking my hand to fling the sauce off while I screamed in agony (that would cause a mess), I calmly and very painfully rushed over to the sink, turned on the cold water and doused my finger. Now the damage was probably already done, we're talking 450° sauce here, but that extra 3 seconds didn't do me any favors.

Ever have a burn blister puffing out your cuticle? Fucking OW!

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