Friday, December 16, 2005


Think about it.

1. What's your favorite radio station?
Well, it used to be this station. I'm really not a big radio fan because there aren't any stations that cater to my tastes. However, there's a local station run by the Seattle School District that has no commercials and all volunteer DJ's, 89.5 FM. They have a Gothic/Industrial show every Sunday night from 6:00 till midnight. They stream over the internet and I record it every week.

2. How would you describe the format?
Diverse. Most of the time it's trance/club/top 40 music. Sunday mornings they have a gospel show and I already described Sunday night.

3. Do you think satellite radio will become commonplace, like subscribing to cable TV?

4. Have you thought about buying a satellite radio subscription?

5. When is the last time you said goodbye?
This question doesn't fit with the other 4.

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