Friday, January 20, 2006

Seen From a Car

There's a lot of money on the roads out here, much more so than when I lived in Denver. Sure, I would see a nice car now and then, but out here it's just out of control. Although I never found them impressive in the least, Denver seemed to be a place where you'd sometimes see a nice BMW, Porche or on the very rare occasion, a Viper (usually around the Pepsi Center). And those that had them always seemed to think quite highly of themselves. I want them all to move out here.

People that drive those cars out here are like people that drive Honda Accords back home. Nice, but nothing special. Sure, they still think pretty highly of themselves, but they are certainly "not all that".

On the way to and from the office today, I followed, or was followed by, the following: 1 Lotus, 3 Ferrari's, 1 Lamborghini.

I'm still trying to figure out the Lamborghini owner. He had a vanity plate that said "MR BUBLY". Guess he either owns a winery or is an extremely gay sports car owner.

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