Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's 5AM, why do my nipples hurt?

Well, I'm back in Seattle again. Had a great time at the company meeting, once the meeting part was out of the way. Thanks to everybody that went out and whooped it up with me till all hours of the night, I had a blast! The night was full of interesting experiences that will surely go down in the annals Will Lore. I'm glad everyone made it home safe, hopfully nobody was feeling too rotten today.

I lucked out and snobbed it up first class style on the flight home this morning. I'd never sat up there before, it's truly an amazing difference. I probably should not have done it though because now I don't want to ever fly coach again. I do need to do it again though so I can take advantage of all the free cocktails. For some odd reason I just didn't feel like having any today. Funny.

Special shout outs to the tequilla pushers, cover providers, fearless drivers, entertainment procurers, great friends and grown men who yell "I'm a bitch" all American Pie style!

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