Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back Home

Got to see some of the cool kids last week when I was in Denver. Always the hilight of my trips there. Thanks to all!

So check this out...

I'm not much of a social person, so whenever I take a flight anywhere I pretty much keep to myself unless it's absolutely necessary to acknowledge someone else, e.g. "you're in my seat". I always get a window seat and hop on the plane as soon as possible so I can Establish My Space and commence reading Popular Mechanics or staring out the window. Then of course once the ding goes off for reaching 10,000 feet, I pull out the laptop and watch a movie for the remainder of the flight.

But, backing up a little bit, while I'm hanging out in the terminal before the flight I do a fair amount of people watching. People always act differently in airports, it's kind of interesting. Plus you just get such a MIX of people in there. I also keep an eye out for hotties that might be on my plane. What!? Just being honest... Anyway, I'm always hoping I hit the airplane lottery and seat 14B (or whatever) will end up occupied by one of them. Never happens of course. Not that it would really matter, cuz I would never talk to them anyway. But you know, it's just one of those things you hope for. Okay, so maybe it's just me... But you got to admit, it's a million times better than Sweaty Pits Big Butt whom I usually get stuck with.

So back to my most recent flight, I got to the airport pretty late and couldn't really do my normal pre-flight routine, if you can call it that. So pretty much I got to the gate and got on the plane about 5 minutes later. I really wasn't in the people mood (surprise), so had my headphones on and headed directly to my seat. It was in the way back of the plane, so it was a good walk. And things didn't start out well...I had to acknowledge someone because they were sitting in the aisle seat already. But I got to my window and settled into my normal thing: read a magazine (this time it happened to be Popular Science) and listen to music till the door closes. Turn off music, keep reading. Wait for ding. Pull out laptop, watch that till landing ding. Go back to reading. Land. Turn on music. Get off the plane. I tell ya, if you want to avoid people, I've got it down!

Anyway, sometime during the remainder of the boarding, someone sat in the middle seat, but I wasn't really paying a lick of attention. Even less so than usual. I was doing good to even notice they sat down I guess. For whatever reason, I thought it was just some dude and stuck to the routine. I never even looked in that direction the entire flight except to decline my 1/2 cup of soda and .0001 oz bag of that stink-up-your-breath stuff they call a snack. So I flew in my own personal blissful solitude and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as you can sitting in coach anyway. Things were just fine until we landed and arrived at the gate.

Once we got there, I started paying just a little more attention so I knew when it was my turn to get in line to exit the plane and that's when I noticed the person next to me was kinda...curvy. On closer inspection, not only was my neighbor NOT a dude, my neighbor was a total fucking knockout.


End of story.

Exciting huh?


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